dossier of dreams foretold

My dear twitter friend April wrote a post awhile back about Looking Glass Lane, a new site for fabulous ladies. After reading her incredible self-portrait, I was inspired to write my own dossier. goes nothing. Elora

Dossier: n. A collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject.

Looking Glass Powers:

Ability to believe in hope, despite grim outlooks & ridiculous naysayers. Ability to love high schoolers enough to spend countless hours with them on a day-to-day basis. And, creative enough to teach them how to write. And read. Ability to take said high schoolers & instill in them the knowledge that their stories are not only worth something, they are needed in this world for creative change & (here's the word again...) hope. Ability to dream - this has gotten her in trouble in the past, particularly from those who believe in the necessity of keeping both feet planted firmly on the ground. However, she has learned tip-toeing through life with your feet barely grazing the surface every once in awhile is healthy & very much needed for inspiration. Ability to form words into sentences into paragraphs into works of quasi-art fairly seamlessly & without fear.

Dress-Up Closet

Shoes. Any kind, really. Preferably TOMS paired with jeans & a t-shirt. Or dresses. Long ones. You know. The bohemian-meets-beach party-meets-lounge sitting-ones. Loves stiletto heels, but given her profession is one where running is at any moment a necessity (running from, to or through pesky, sweating adolescents attempting to look like Vin Diesel fighting Paul Walker; running from, to or through certain administration who shall remain nameless; or simply running because she is late(ish)...doesn't bode well on the feet, you see.)


Sunglasses. The bigger the better. Burt's Bees chapstick. She has been known to empty all contents of her monstrous purse (also a necessity) in order to find said chapstick...while she is driving. Once you think of have to have it. Obviously....Oh, dangit. *pauses to find purse*

Go-To Gadget

IPhone - Because it just isn't enough to stay connected to everyone for simply a couple hours of the day. She.Must.Have.IPhone.On.Her.All.The.Time....if only to jot down titles of books she finds randomly in the handy dandy note section. And to check twitter. Duh. Moleskin journal -  for those brief moments of genius which hit rarely & must be documented lest anyone think she's crazy later on when she tries to explain those brilliant ideas she just can't seem to remember...


A well-placed & deeply thought out tattoo. Her husband's cooking. Specifically his spaghetti. Admittedly his mojitos. Anything with the word "chocolate" in it

Magic Potion

Lately? Starbucks' Mocha Frappucino with an extra shot of espresso because it just...does wonders. And causes her to play the drums on her steering wheel because she's soexcitedandshejustcan'thideit....

Battery-Recharge Hub

Reading a book. A good one which will cause her to ultimately sigh, put the book down, open up her lovely MacBook & start writing words of her own. Anywhere with her husband. He's her rock & breath of fresh air. Alone, reading her journal or looking at pictures from Haiti. Remembering the magical moments. Feeling the rush of faith all over again & smelling the red dirt which got into her veins for the millionth time.

Owner's Manual

Her Bible. The only promises which haven't been broken are written to her here. And it's quite the love story. Poisonwood Bible. Because, after reading this, her love for Africa blossomed into a full grown need. Sparked the curiosity which has been a catalyst for many life-changing events in the past few years.


Her pen. Her unwavering hope. Her love.

How she gets to the Lane

Her Chevy Classic, donned with bumper stickers which say much about her & her hope to change the world.

Secret Ambition

Travel the world. Tell the stories of those she meets. Share the injustices & fight for ways to help the oppressed, orphan & widow. Walk like a giant.

Posted on June 6, 2009 .