Dreams matter. But not if you allow them to fester.Even Langston Hughes said to hold fast to your dreams because if you don't, it's like a broken winged bird that can't fly.

My dream?

I want to make the four walls of the classroom completely disappear. I want students & teachers to understand this world is a very, very big place - and education means nothing if we aren't preparing our kids for living in the 21st century. Education hasn't changed in over 50 years. And we think we're doing our kids a service? I want to blow past the misconceptions of teaching & inspire students & teachers alike to push for something better. You don't learn unless you are inspired or emotionally invested. It's time to change the rules of the game.

I want to travel the world. When I went to Haiti almost ten years ago (yikes) my life was changed dramatically. The red dirt & burnt marshmellow smell will never leave me. The place on my cheek where a Haitian woman wiped tears from my eyes still burns...there are so many stories, so much hurt yet so I want to capture. I want to hear people's stories & then share it with anyone who will listen. Nothing can bridge the gap between "them" & "us" like knowing & understanding they go through the exact same hopes & dreams as we do.

I want to adopt. This is something that has creeped up on my  heart this past year. Every time I read James 1:27 something inside of me comes alive. It's something I'm still praying through, and something Russ & I believe in strongly, so I wouldn't be surprised if some day you see a post mentioning our step towards bringing someone home.

I want women to know their worth. This is something near & dear to my heart. Too many girls/ladies take the easy road. They shut down their emotions (because it's considered a weakness) and mute their desires. My message to women? You are lovely.

These are just a few of my dreams. I have a lot. Some are small - like wanting a job in Austin. Some are big & outlandish - like wanting a standardized curriculum that features creative change & globalization.  Some are so seemingly ridiculous I hesitate to even write them down here because I fear ridicule (silly, I know). But, most importantly, I have realized no matter the dream - no matter what God has placed on my heart - they are there for a reason.

And who am I to let His desires for me fester & die?

So here's my challenge to you. This week - no - today  - I challenge you to take a step towards your dream. Whatever it is. I'll come back tomorrow & let you know what I did. But I want to know what you did. So think about it. What dreams has He placed in you? What steps are you going to take to get there?

Let me know. Let's push each other to make the most of what He's given us.

Go ahead. Spread your wings & take that leap.

Posted on July 10, 2009 .