oh the horror

Two days after the school year started, after I had completed my syllabus for my AP Language & Composition classes (juniors), I was told I would be taking on an AP Literature & Composition section in order to ease the number burden. Seniors.

I am going to be honest. I've fought for awhile the concept of teaching seniors. I mean, I remember how I was as a senior - why would I want to subject myself to something like...that?

It's been absolutely delightful.

Now, granted, we are still fresh & it is still the beginning of the school year, but many of the kids I have are repeats - students I've had before as sophomores or juniors. It's been a blast seeing them grow & change over the years, and now I get to end high school with them! One kid I have had the past three years of English. From sophomore to senior. I feel like Erin Gruwell or something. (just kidding.)

Outside of having these kids again is just the sheer brilliance of literature I get to teach. You know, the good stuff. A Doll's House and Heart of Darkness (totally pulling in Apocalypse Now for that sucker) and A Good Man is Hard to Find and Tess of the D'Ubervilles...I'm salivating at the mouth here, folks! But, I understand there are so many books out there these kids will never have the opportunity to read within a classroom because of certain...restrictions. So.  One of the things I will have the kids do is choose an outside book every quarter to read on their own. I knew some books could look interesting, but would be a bit intimidating, so I made a deal that I would read a book with one of them if they got to me first & I had yet to read it.

This nine weeks I will be reading The Stand by Stephen King. I'm more than a little nervous.

I'm not much of a horror person. And, before you go and freak out on me, I understand this book has deeper implications than say, Carrie, but it still is...well...Stephen King. Outside of The Green Mile, I'm not sure I have heard any of his stories that make me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. But, I promised, and so I will do it. And, I will certainly let you know how I feel about said book.

Any suggestions? Hints? Have you read this book & loved it? Hated it?

Come on, people. Help me out here. :)

Posted on September 8, 2009 .