a chance to exhale

Well hello, internets. About a month ago, I wrote a post about finding your one necessity. For me, my one necessity is writing. More specifically, writing stories of those who have a voice but no platform.

It hasn't always been this way. I mean, I've enjoyed writing for a long time. Like...since I was a wee preschooler grading/editing/revising Dr. Seuss books in my room late at night. But, two years ago God started moving in my heart - showing me this talent? He's given it to me for a reason.

The reason: to tell stories, share hope, spread love, and reveal His absolute grace belongs to everyone.

So I decided to get off my bum and do something. I wrote this about a friend Russ & I met in downtown Austin. (By the way - some of our friends actually met him two weeks ago. Crazy.) I couldn't believe the high I was on after sharing his story - I tapped into my talent, paid attention, and asked God for words - and he gave them to me. And then came the funk. You know, the "I'm never going to amount to anything and everyone else is going to get published and noticed and I will be stuck in this classroom forever..." it wasn't pretty.

So, I wrote this post about how I was through whining. I set some goals. (Still working on them.) But, most importantly, it beefed up my priorities. I turned the TV off and focused on research through reading novels. I spent more time with my husband. I wrote like the wind and posted blogs left and right. I dreamed.

On November 1, I went crazy. I've always wanted to write a novel. Like - SERIOUS dream here, folks. I never thought I could though. I never thought I had the words in me.

I signed up for NaNoWriMo anyway.

I won.

It's crazy, y'all. 30 days. 50,000+ words - and an actual, living, breathing story forming on my hard drive.

I don't want to give away too much of the story, but I will say this. I've actually posted some of the novel on here before. Remember this post? Well. I scrapped it, rewrote it, and breathed life into Stephanie. And over these past few weeks I have laughed and cried and fought throwing up on her behalf. She lives a hard life, a life too many young girls in the world today face. And her story isn't easy to write, but I'm falling in love with her like I have the girl who inspired the story. I want justice for her. And Wednesday, as I was driving down the lonely roads towards Houston, the ending came to me and I almost wept with relief. Rescue is coming for my character  - and I pray through these words given to me others will gain the same happy ending.

I've fallen head first into Stephanie's world, and when I saw this video, I knew she would love it. It's full of beauty - something she craves. It rings of hope - something she misses. It reminds us of love - something she resists. And I can't help but think if she were sitting next to me, watching the dancers, she would be inspired to open up her trusty moleskin and write.


Posted on December 4, 2009 and filed under fiction, story.