i just need simple

we all need a fresh start every once in awhile. and that's why, in the spirit of "happy-new-year" and "let's-make-a-list-of-goals-we-very-well-may-never-accomplish" I decided to give this blog a bit of a makeover. because here's the deal. life has gotten too complicated. i need simple. i need reminders of his faith and goodness. the new picture? in my header? that was taken by my sister this past summer while in Africa. and really, it sums up who i am. what makes my heart jump - what makes it stutter and declare, "there's more. there's more to life than school loans and finding a job and football sundays." and i think, really - this is something to seek. those moments where your heart whispers truth to your soul and you are forced to stop and pay attention.

so i need simple. and i need a fresh start. i need to be reminded that indeed - "he is making me a mountain that can never be shaken." because, honestly, my faith has been pretty shaken these past few days. it's so tricky - this thing we call relationships. those we believe we can trust and invest time in often leave us wanting. so my fresh start begins here - resting in Christ's embrace and leaning against his chest. that's where i hear his heartbeat - that's where i'm close enough to know his direction for my life.

it's the only place my heart can be wiped clean - the bruises completely healed.

i'm sure at some point, i will post a blog dealing with real resolutions. you know - i have those. i have those hopes and goals where i aim to be a better reader, writer, friend...i have those pesky reminders of wanting to be thinner and healthier. but those declarations will come later. because right now...i just need simple.

so for this year? i aim to run full speed in the direction of his love. if i'm doing this, i know i will be loving others. i know i will be the wife my husband needs. i know i won't look the other direction of those hurting simply because they make me uncomfortable. i know the community i seek will happen - because in running in the direction of his love i will be running to those he has waiting for me to hold me accountable.

and i can't wait for that to happen.

Posted on January 2, 2010 .