[caption id="attachment_491" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Photo courtesy of www.aaronivey.com"][/caption] I should be creating some type of lesson centered on East of Eden right now, but I can't - this face is occupying all of my thoughts and prayers. His name is Amos, and he is the son of Jamie and Aaron Ivey. He lives in Haiti at Real Hope For Haiti and is waiting for a visa or humanitarian parole so he could be reunited with his family. Amos is not the only orphan waiting for his adoption to be complete, but he is one I can pray for by name.  

In ancient Greek, kairos means the opportune time - the suspended time in between chronos (or chronological) events where something special occurs. It's the supreme moment for one to act - to join others in a situation or cause. This is Amos' moment of kairos. I've only met Aaron once or twice, and know Jamie only through her blog and twitter stream, but their anxiousness and absolute yearning for God to move is evident in their hearts. They believe in His sovereignity. They believe His will prevails. They believe God will bring Amos home. In Aaron's latest blog he says,

 there’s ALOT involved in this complex situation, and we’re literally on the edge of our seat.  pray for Amos.  pray for the other orphans that need to be issued visas/humanitarian paroles.  and pray for the men & women that are on the ground in Haiti, working around the clock with the US Embassy to get these kids to their parents.

Will you join me in prayer? This isn't just another prayer request - it's an opportunity for the church to be on our knees for one purpose. Pray for divine intervention - for hearts to be moved and red tape torn away so Amos can come home. Pray for the Ivey family - for peace and comfort and wisdom as they wait to hear word. Most importantly, pray for Amos' protection while in Haiti and that he would know, somehow, there is an army of prayer warriors rising up on his behalf.


Posted on January 20, 2010 .