kairos pt. 2 - ronel

About a week ago, I posted about Amos, an incredible little boy who needed to be reunited with his family. Since then, I have been introduced to countless precious faces reunited with their forever families. And then I heard of Ronel. I actually already knew who he was. Jamie Ivey posted a blog about him almost two years ago. Debra and her husband Eddie answered the call to step out in faith and adopt him. This brings us to the present. This brings us to his moment of kairos.

Ronel was supposed to be on the flight home with Amos. Check out this excerpt from a visiting missionary's blog:

Tara told me today that the boys were flying to the US. One was going to his adoptive family in Houston Texas, the other to a family in Dallas. When I got back from my days work, the boys were all dressed in their very best to meet their new families. They were so excited. I was so excited for them. It was hard to watch them go.

Later in the evening after dinner, the truck returned from the airport where 27 children were flying to meet their new parents. In the front seat of the truck was Ronel, the 6-7 year old that was staying in my room. I asked why he was still here and Tara told me it was because they needed one more paper for him. The other children got to go. She said she hoped they could get the needed paperwork tomorrow. I would never wish for you to see the disappointment on Ronel's face because it would crush your heart... it did mine. It was dark and the power was off. He went into our room, laid down on the bed, pulled the sheets up and sobbed. It was so sad. Tara came in and talked to him in Kreole... I'm not sure what she said but I know she was trying to comfort him. After a time she got up and left as I sat across the room. I could not leave him by himself. I went over and motioned for him to move over and I laid down next to him. The tears were pouring out of him. He was still in his new clothes as he fell asleep.

Earlier in this post, the man says,

I asked God tonight, how many times can my heart break... cause it's breaking all the time

You know, there's this worship song going around churches right now. It's been popular for about a year and a half. And as I read posts today about Ronel and as my twitter stream started filling up with pleas for the media to take notice, I couldn't help but think of the lyrics:

Heal my heart and make it clean, Open up my eyes to the things unseen... show me how to love like you - have loved me Break my heart for what breaks yours... everything I am for Your kingdom come as I go from earth unto eternity.

Sometimes, God asks us to do things that make us uncomfortable. Sometimes he asks us to step out in faith and believe and trust and reach our hands as far as we can to touch his beauty.

And sometimes, we see pictures of kids like Ronel. We hear his story. We experience his pain. And we know...

God is breaking our hearts for what breaks His.

I believe Ronel's situation is close to the heart of God.

But you know all about it— the contempt, the abuse. I dare to believe that the luckless will get lucky someday in you. You won’t let them down: orphans won’t be orphans forever - Psalm 10:14

So what can you do? There are many things. Do you twitter? Tweet the heck out of this story. Send tweets to @cnn and @andersoncooper and any other media outlets you know of. UNICEF has shown their mighty bureaucratic muscles and not many people are getting the full story of what's truly going on with adoptions and orphans. Let's give them the story. Call as well. Below are some people to contact by e-mail/phone/etc.

Raymond Joseph Haitian Ambassador to US embassy@haiti.org p 202-332-4090 f 202-745-7215

Kenneth H Merten US Ambassador to Haiti Tabarre 41, Blvd 15 Octobre Port-au-Prince, Haiti Haiti-earthquake@state.gov P 509 22 29 8000 F 509 22 29 8028

Hilary Clinton/Dept of State U.S. Department of State 2201 C Street NW Washington, DC 20520 Main Switchboard: 202-647-4000

Also, blog about it. These people? I've never met them. But they are my brother and sister in Christ, and they need my help. When the earthquake first hit, I wrote about my missing pieces still waiting for me to return to Haiti - but I knew if I couldn't go, I could share through story. And so I am. First Amos - now Ronel.

Let's pray him home.

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