first steps

i'm not sure where our story begins. at least not in the traditional sense. you have the standard story: boy meets girl. boy and girl fall in love. boy and girl gets married, have kids, buy a home and live happily ever after. in case you haven't noticed, we typically shy away from tradition.

there are certain moments in each of our lives pointing to this beginning: my trip to Haiti. working with Invisible Children. meeting friends for life who shuck the status quo.

Russ is much of the same, but his core is different. for him, it just makes sense. (and this is why i love him so.) he knows what it's like to gain a father who chose him. he knows what its like to share everything but blood. plus, with over 140 million orphans in the world, he can't rectify not doing something. (like i said. this is why i love him.)

and so the process of allowing God to build our family began. two years ago James 1:27 began to rise up and tap me on the shoulder. it was simple yet convicting. what had i done to bring hope for the orphan? what had i done to comfort the widow? how had i let the world's standard of acceptability and normalcy corrupt me? i began to realize there was no choice. adoption is in our very veins as Christians. we are adopted. we were forgotten and left alone and orphaned and hurting. God in his mercy adopted us as his children. we were rescued.

i couldn't get away from it. people in my twitter stream started mentioning their own pursuit of adoption, i'd get in the car and the radio program would be talking about adoption. i'd pick up the paper and some lady was featured about her recent adoption. i'd go read a friend's blog and realize she was was everywhere. so i prayed. i started reading blogs and praying for those going through the process. i started praying for Russ and me - believing when the time was right - God would let us know. he began placing countries on my heart: uganda, haiti and india at the top of the list. for awhile, i assumed international adoption would be the only way we'd go. until recently. slowly, he began opening my eyes to the need nearby. in Travis County there are 174 kids waiting for adoption. waiting. never before had i considered domestic adoption. i was now. i prayed and waited and prayed some more - knowing i wanted to be ready.

yesterday we took our first steps.

we began the foster/foster-adopt training at Austin Stone and i couldn't be more excited. we don't know what's going to come of this training. logistically, we aren't at a place to take in any kids. a small, one-bedroom apartment isn't necessarily conducive to the whole home-study section of any adoption process, but we know God is bigger and his heart for adoption exceeds our limits and expectations.

so. whether we are in this training to prepare our hearts for some precious little one God has predestined as our son/daughter or whether we are in this training to gain more knowledge about the process and offer hope and comfort and rest for those going through with it, we are ready.

first steps have never looked so huge.

Posted on February 16, 2010 and filed under adoption, fluttering pulses.