my valentine

There wasn't anything out of the ordinary about the day. Outside of the freezing fog falling around our car, we tapped into normalcy and made our way to the church for worship practice. "when was the last time you were out here, love?" I turned my head towards Russ' question and began to think. The town is small, one where if you blink passing through, you'll miss it. A smile formed on my lips as I remembered.

"9 years ago this week."

9 years ago this week, our story began. And as we pulled into the parking lot of the church that offered a catalyst in the future of our love story, I couldn't help but laugh. My God is so into details. I let myself reminisce about that evening - totally unaware of this boy who would make my knees wobble and my heart shake every time he'd touch me. I didn't know yet what seeing him worship would do to me. I didn't know yet what it meant to leave someone in the morning feeling as though you were tearing away from your own self.  I didn't know yet the heartbreak we'd experience and the coming alive that would soon follow.

9 years ago, God began to unfold a story I never would have believed. And as we pulled into the church and memories came crashing down and Russ quickly grabbed my hand and landed a small kiss on my knuckle, I knew I couldn't wait to experience the ups and downs of our next chapter.

Posted on February 15, 2010 and filed under fluttering pulses.