foster care training - documentation

It's been awhile since I've updated about foster-care training. And, we're still in the training - no worries. It's just been...hectic. To say the least. So.

Yesterday we talked about documentation.

This is something I'm incredibly familiar with - being a teacher. Everything we do has to be documented. Talked to a parent? Write it down. Held a student after class? Write it down. There's a simple rule with administration: if you don't have it written somewhere, it didn't happen. It's grueling, really. I hate this part of my job. I hate spending time at my computer - scrolling through notes I've taken throughout the year. I became a teacher to work with kids - not push paper.

But. Even though I hate it, I recognize the importance. I understand not only does it help others understand what goes on in my classroom - it protects me. Many times I've written something down about a student, and when a parent comes back questioning my tactics or something the student said when he/she got home, I'm able to pull out my documentation and show them. Suddenly, the argument is null.

I knew going into this training that it would be a lot of work. I gathered that simply by the packet given to us the first night: it's huge. And so much of it - the application, the ministry profile, the background check and fingerprints and TB tests and homestudy and fire/health inspection...I mean - overwhelming.

But. Just like with my job, I understand the paperwork.

We were told last night - if it's not written down, it didn't happen. This supersedes anything I've ever done for my job. If a kid takes medicine, and I forget to write down the time I gave him/her the pill, and then CPS shows up - I can be cited.

Not gonna lie. This is intimidating. I will be the first to admit that I like to be organized. I want to know where everything is - especially within my classroom. In my house? Well. Perhaps it's because we live in a one bedroom apartment, but we are less than organized at the moment. Just thinking about all of this paperwork on top of what I'm doing at the moment makes me twitch a little. But I also know if this is truly where God has us - He will give us the ability.

So. Our homework for this week is fill out some paperwork as if we have children in our home. Should be interesting. We still really haven't pinpointed the ages we are considering. Honestly, some days we think "sure, we can do older kids..." and other days we think, "oh man. in order to keep our sanity we should just stick with the younger kids..."

Do I sound confused? Disjointed? Perhaps a little scatterbrained? Yeah. Welcome to my world. Maybe some day I'll seem a little more lucid. For now, though...I need to giggle at The Office.

Posted on March 22, 2010 and filed under adoption.