kenya skies

Last summer, I spent my days reading and becoming acclimated to our new home in Austin. This summer, we will spend two weeks in Kibera, Kenya.

We made the decision in the span of 24 hours. I went to the Reagan to Africa meeting on Monday night and as I sat with one of the leaders dreaming up what the storytelling tutoring could look like, she looked at me and casually asked, "wanna come with us?"

It was a question I couldn't take lightly. Russ & I have been asked to go to Africa before. We've agreed before. But something about this trip - perhaps the fact the purchasing of tickets happens this week - seems fitting. We've made it a priority these past couple of years to trust first and wonder later. And as I drove home Monday night, I couldn't ignore the tiny sensation taking over my soul - this was the trip He wanted for us.

So we go.

To say I'm excited would be severely inadequate. I've already made it clear how highly I view the students going on this trip - the caliber of their faith and willingness challenges me even now as questions and fears begin to creep into the tiny crevices of my heart. I'm ready to love on these children waiting for us. I'm ready to take in my surroundings and be broken for what breaks Him and I'm ready to once again understand the dichotomy of two worlds intersecting. I'm ready to see His paint etch across the Kenyan sky.

I'm sure over the next few weeks I'll have more to update. Russ and I will be (not so) frantically running around town next week applying for passports and this Sunday I meet with Devonte and Nijalon for the storytelling mentorship. Some time between now and June we have to raise about 5200 dollars. If we've learned anything these past five years of marriage, though - it's one tiny step at a time. Right now, we covet your prayers for not just us, but the team.

Let the adventure begin...

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Posted on March 11, 2010 and filed under africa.