in stillness comes joy.

Relax, everything's going to be all right; rest, everything's coming together; open your hearts, love is on the way! Jude 1:2 I'm reminded of this today.

I'm reminded to relax. I'm slowly realizing weekend does not necessarily equal an insane schedule of parties and shopping and excessiveness. There is a stringent beauty in silence - I want to be intentional in relaxation. Relaxing in Him - the One who knows how to quiet my heart with His love.

I'm reminded that everything is going to be all right. I know this because of the e-mails from Russ' father we received today letting us know money is coming. We did not ask for this. We don't even know the people who decided to help. But once again, out of my Father's loving hand, He provides.

I'm reminded to rest. And I'm beginning to see the difference. Relaxing does not mean resting. Relaxing is breathing deep. Compartmentalizing my worries for a brief moment of quiet. Resting is breathing steady. There's no compartmentalizing in resting because your soul is at peace. There's nothing to prove. Nothing to gain. The only thing required is to just soak in His magnificent glory. Bathe in His truth. Sit at His feet.

I'm reminded everything's coming together. I know this because after exactly a year of waiting, my husband found a job. I know this because of handwritten letters sent to us from friends across the country - envelopes full of cash they found in their purses. I know this because of generosity we did not ask for or expect. I know this because even though my Lord is not safe, He's good. And in His goodness is a safe refuge.

I'm reminded to open my heart. Not everyone is out to get me. The sun peeks through the horizon and streaks of red caress the sky, and my heart sings. She knows. In the stillness of our day our heart can speak of incredible moments we may have missed. I need to listen to my heart more. I need to trust her and take care of her - guarding her from those who want to try and ruin His beauty.

I'm reminded love is on the way. Just like the sun fights for possession of a stormy sky, our Love fights for us. He's coming - rescue is near. Sit still - you can feel it. Even our bones know the time is here. Even the earth is shifting and groaning in anticipation. Love is on the way. Do you know it?! Can you feel it?! This is cause for celebration! For singing! In stillness comes the strength to run in pursuit of His peace - dancing wildly in His presence and anticipating His return.

Yes. I close my eyes and smile. Breathing deep I sense His touch. Leaning in I feel renewed.

Posted on May 1, 2010 .