mother love

nobody loves more fiercely than my mother. barely 18 when she married my father, she gave birth to me in the middle of a sweltering july heat. a few months later, her and my grandmother were in a terrible car accident. as the van flipped, my mother kept a desperate hold on me. she's never let go.

she held tight during my rough and tumble years, wiping tears from bike wrecks and spider bites. she held tight during my grade school years, kissing away the ridicule and harsh words of my peers. most importantly, she held tight during the formidable teenage years - resisting the hateful words and dripping attitude with a quiet strength.

nobody loves more fiercely than my mother.

this history of her hold on me effects me even today. she's one of the first to hear prayer requests, frustrations, praises and laughter. many mornings i've spent my commute crying, laughing, wishing, dreaming, hoping, talking, listening, and grasping for the same type of hold she has on me - memorizing the details so one day i can repeat the unconditional acceptance towards my own children.

it's her love for my father that taught me what to look for - what to aim for in my own marriage. married young, shoulders heavy with bearing the weight of struggles from the very beginning, they find refuge in each other's embrace. countless times i've come home to find them on the couch - arms and legs entangled - talking as if they are still high school sweethearts. her gaze never wavers. her prayers never cease. she embodies everything i hope to be for Russ.

nobody loves more fiercely than my mother.

one day, i hope to match her strength.

Posted on May 4, 2010 .