Nijalon's guest post - just hold on.

For the past few months, I’ve been working with some kids in the art of storytelling. This past week, Devyne and Nijalon wrote a post inspired by hope. Today’s post is what Nijalon wrote. There's never a moment where I'm not amazed at the depth of this kid's thinking. He's a sophomore in high school. Keep that in mind while you read this post - a James Joyce-esque stream of consciousness about faith and connection within Christ. It certainly challenged me.____________________________________________________________

Lately I've been observing just about everything around me. I'm talking about the way a person of the same sex as me shakes my hand or even the eye contact people give me when they are talking to me.

If you took the one thing from me that's not even possible for you to take - faith - I would be as broke as I am now. Besides my faith, what do I have that you don't? Why would you wish death upon me? All I'm trying to do is make a way for me and my family. I'm really tired of walking down these weak and worthless streets - I can't kiss them or sleep on them.

If I dance or walk in the street, I want it to be gold and nothing less.

I wonder if heaven was a coffee shop, would it be like Cherrywood? Would we only conversate with the people we came with or know? Would everyone mind their own business?

And what would the wi-fi represent? What in heaven is everyone connected to and at the same time upset with because sometimes it cuts off? I mean, I've seen people storm out of here just because the connection fails. My best friend who is a sophomore said the connection could easily be Jesus - when the wi-fi fails (which, Jesus will never fail - it's the only real promise I can make to you) people leave and get mad. However, some wait. Because if you wait, I promise it comes back. Jesus' connection? Won't fail. But, when times are hard, people make the connection fail and then move their connection to TimeWarner  - they find something else to connect them.

And the router? That's the faith box, helping us connect to Jesus. Only thing I can do is keep my faith box on and be a router myself - trying to help the people I connect with get connected to what I connect to - Jesus.

The connection in me rejoices in me loud as me and 4x bigger than me, my flesh, each and every part of my brain combined.

It's one thing to have the connection - I have that - but the thing that's bigger is what I am trying to express. Remember. If the connection fails, the internet will come soon.

Just hold on.

Posted on May 11, 2010 .