we're moving.

For the next few weeks, our apartment will look worse before it looks better - our belongings once again packed into spare boxes. Normally, moving causes a huge amount of stress. Last year, we packed everything into boxes, gave tons of stuff away, and moved to a completely different city just days after Russ got back from Chicago. Barely after moving in, he jumped into culinary school and both of us dove head first into church planting.

Looking back, those moments were perfect. Getting to know the heartbeat of the city, learning what it means to truly be intentional and focused in your calling, and accepting the truth that we are all missionaries - all of these things echoed loud and clear the first few months of our lives in Austin.

In January, we faced a transition where God called us explicitly to join what He was doing at the Austin Stone. We began frequenting the St. John's neighborhood - visiting friends, hanging with the Reagan kids, taking part in the unity walk. We fell in love with the culture and the people who live in those few blocks. The sense of community is heavy in this area - and it runs deep in their history.  Almost immediately, we knew we wanted to be a part of what the Stone is doing with this area of Austin. We found ourselves frequenting Craigslist, driving the streets and asking around - looking for a house.

Two weeks ago, we just happened to be talking with some friends about our search for a rental home and they shared with us they would be moving Memorial Day weekend - and the landlord needed someone to take over the lease. It was a bit of a shock. I've always loved this house - and ever since we've visited for Saul Paul nights or Africa meetings, I've prayed the house would always be a refuge for those needing shelter and hope and love. It's been such an incredible place of respite for the Reagan kids - and when we heard they were moving we jumped on the opportunity to continue the legacy. I can't wait to continue to foster the relationships these girls started with those around them.

It's funny, really. At the beginning of May, Russ & I had accepted the fact that we probably wouldn't be moving any time soon. Every single house we found was taken within the week, and our deadline for turning in our 30-day notice at the apartment was quickly approaching. I finally let go - trusting God knew where we were supposed to live. He knew our desire to finish the process towards fostering/adoption.

And once again - He pulled through for us. And he did it in typical God-fashion: bigger & better than what we ever anticipated. It's an incredible place to be - right in the middle of Him doing something.

Below is the video that started it all for Russ & me. It's about a 25 minute video, but it's well worth the watch.

[vimeo 8078438]

Posted on May 16, 2010 .