a working manifesto pt. 1

Last year, I met Morgan through the interconnectedness of twitter and blogging. The past few months have been huge for her - getting married, launching Bluegrass Romance, and her latest project: a mission to help you fall more in love with your life. One of her projects is creating a manifesto - and here is the beginning of my first draft. Tomorrow I'll finish the questions and then eventually, I'll craft the manifesto and post it as my about me page. I challenge you to do the same. :) I am a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I am incredibly protective of those I love and will fight for them until my last breath. I am an abolitionist. I am a dreamer.

I believe His love flows deeper than our wounds. I believe community is better than seclusion. I believe in hope and scandalous grace and second chances. I believe love always wins.

When I was little I would grab my Dr. Seuss books, curl up in my grandma's vintage recliner, and edit. Even as a little girl I had a strong opinion of what good writing looked like. My imagination also worked in overdrive. I lived in many, many, many different worlds - all of them a bit fantastical.

Right now I am grabbing at words and letting my thoughts wander. I'm sitting on my couch with Seabird playing in the background, waiting for the muse to hit and the rhythm that comes with finding the sweet spot of composition. Right now, I'm anxious to unplug in order to live a better story.

I love the colors of morning taking over the night sky. I love my feet finding my husband's in the middle of the night. I love late night chats with friends and the taste of sweetened espresso and laughing until it hurts. I love teenagers and their vibrancy and authenticity. I love stories of grace and redemption. I love closing my eyes and allowing myself to dream with no inhibitions.

What I know for sure is everyone has a story - and every story is important. These stories hold power and have the ability to change the world. I also know at some point, it's imperative to stop thinking about living a better story and start intentionally living out the purpose God's given you. Comparison does nothing; regret fosters neglect. Take the first step and create the story you've always wanted - the story begging to be released.

I’ve never been more happy than when I sat in a room full of idealists and dreamers in North Carolina, and we prayed and talked until the wee hours of the morning about hope and peace and creativity. Looking around the small circle, for a brief moment I knew I was right where I needed to be - and the inspiration nearly burst out of my skin I was so alive.

I have a penchant for finding words when there seems to be none.

I dream of finishing my book. Finding other stories needing the light of day. Loving my husband completely and finding new ways to keep the love alive. I dream of the little one waiting for his/her forever family. I dream of perfecting the art of risking comfort for relationships and letting go of my insecurities. I dream of letting go what's been said in order to learn the beauty of being comfortable in my own skin.

People tell me I am a storyteller, a dreamer, a lover and a feeler. I've also been called creative and inspirational. Oh, and I'm a teacher. All of these things go hand-in-hand. I could not teach without telling stories; I couldn't dream without relying on love. And I definitely can't create unless I can close my eyes and feel.

I was born to tell the stories of those who people have forgotten. I was born to "create readiness, to nudge the people toward receptive insight..." (Matthew 13:13). This may not always be popular, but I've grown to understand the pulsing in my veins and the burning in my chest can't be ignored. When words find their way to my soul, there's no stopping the rush of pen to paper - the sound of keys tapping a rhythm in harmony with the music playing in the background.


What about you? What do you believe? What do you know for sure? What were you born to do?

Posted on June 10, 2010 .