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For awhile, I mulled over what to do while away in Africa. Wi-fi is possible - but not a guarantee. And honestly? I really don't want to worry about publishing posts and tweeting and updating statuses. I will write - but most of it will be my hand to a sheet of paper. Once I decided this, I knew I needed to ask some friends to take over my space for a little while. These are women I trust, admire, love and respect. I can't wait for you guys to meet. Today you will meet SingleMama_CC - someone who always, always, knows how to make me laugh. Her penchant for Hangover quotes speaks to my heart, and her ability to find the bright side of any situation is definitely a skill I admire. Most importantly, her absolute denial to be anyone other than herself is - in a word - refreshing. I've loved getting to know her through her blog & twitter - and I hope you will as well. Check out her honest look at a moment of significance for her - the birth of her daughter.


The story that forever changed my life for the better....

She entered this world on a gorgeous April morning. 10:40 am and a lovely 68 degrees out to be exact. After 9 1/2 hours of labor and 2 ginormous pushes she was here. I know I know…labor and delivery wasn’t that bad.

(Not that I'll be taking my chances by birthing anything else from these loins...)

Easiest part of the whole thing really. You see, I am a wuss, and when you add pregnancy hormones to that plus a complete and total fear of this unbearable pain I convinced myself I was sure to endure, I got a little bit bitchy. Luckily, I worked at the hospital where I was birthing this mini monster so when I declared that no one would be touching me until I was numb from the waist down…they didn’t argue…they probably figured I had been through enough already, what with the marriage that was clearly crumbling, the months of preterm labor, weekly cervical exams and all. Or maybe it was just clear I was just effing exhausted. Regardless, the nurses called anesthesia and I was numb before I dialated to two! (I had been dialated to two since week 27 so technically....nothing had changed besides the fact that I knew this was it and it was going to fucking hurt.)

This of course only came after 2 lovely pokes to the spine. Yup, two...The first attempt at the epidural didn’t work. I remember thinking “oh holy fuck! You gotta be kidding me! I will die if I have to do this with feeling!” the second attempt at the epidural made the left side of me numb which at that point was better than not at all and made my friend who had already had 3 children so I thought she was a safe bet for a labor assistant or whatever but no. The second poke to MY spine made her pass the fuck out and hit the floor, which was not good because she too was pregnant. My labor room was complete chaos...chaos was my birthing theme) . After a while my right side went numb balancing things out….saving my nurses alot of physical harm

On a sunny spring morning the PIT aka darinee sue entered my world changing my life for the better from that moment on.


Thanks so much for sharing the story of your daughter's birth. I love the relationship you have with your little growing girl. For more Singlemama, check out her blog at :)

Africa Prayer Requests:

- Today we do church! Pray for Chase, who will be preaching. Also, pray for the students who will be sharing their testimony, that God would speak through them.

- After church we have the blessing of resting for awhile and experiencing the culture. Pray for fun and laughter and courage for the kids to try new things. Also, pray for continued safety.

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