life through 140 characters?

For awhile, I mulled over what to do while away in Africa. Wi-fi is possible - but not a guarantee. And honestly? I really don't want to worry about publishing posts and tweeting and updating statuses. I will write - but most of it will be my hand to a sheet of paper. Once I decided this, I knew I needed to ask some friends to take over my space for a little while. These are women I trust, admire, love and respect. I can't wait for you guys to meet. Today, Lynse shares her heart about story. She is yet another woman I've met through twitter and through stalking each other on tumblr and blogs and other social media outlets, it's pretty much been decided that at some point, we're going to have to become real life friends. (You Until then, we both will wrestle with the fine balance of living in the moment vs. reaching for your iPhone to twitpic the latest situation. Which is what Lynse wants to challenge you with today...hope you enjoy her post, and I definitely hope you give her words some thought.


When Elora asked me to "guest" post on her blog my first question was the topic. I like a defined topic to write about...I don’t like this floating nebulous of "just write something." So I was so glad she said "story".  So as I thought about it while making espresso drinks for people, I landed on what to write...something I have been thinking about for weeks. Something my husband has been saying for ages!

let me set this up for you...

THE story is your life as a whole - from start to finish, birth to death....THE story of your life.


I so often get stuck in the twitter and facebook land. I look at life through twitter. When I do something fun I want to tweet it. When I eat something fun I want to twitpic it. When I hear something funny guess what I want to do...yep, I want to share it! This totally irritates my husband. It irritates him because I take time away from what we are doing and the moment we are enjoying to share it with everyone else. And lets be real, you can't just put something out there - you have to do a quick check and see what other people are doing too. (and now I am minus 5 minutes).

The more I think about this the more I am seeing that as much as I don’t want to agree with him, I do. Don’t get me wrong, I love twitter and the instant connection and community that can come from it, but in my life, and maybe I am just writing this for me, I sometimes forget to live because I am keeping up with other people's lives.

I work at a coffee shop for six hours Monday-Friday alone. This leads to a lot of time thinking....a lot of time. As I spent time thinking about this whole thing I realized that at the end of my life when I am lying on my death bed, or if one day I find out I have disease and minimal time to live, I don’t think I will be thinking about twitter. I mean, maybe I will, but I don’t think that I will refer back to my timeline to see what my life was like - the story of my life. I will want to remember those rich memories with my husband and children we will have in the future.

The moments you wish would never end.

The moments that make the story of your life worth sharing…and those moments happen every day.

If you are anything like me in those moments, because they are so awesome you want to share them with the take out your iPhone or your blackberry, snap a picture or write a little line under 140 characters to share it with your twitter and facebook friends. Hear me when I say there is nothing wrong with this, but what if...

what if instead of interrupting that moment with your phone you enjoyed and savored each second?

I wish I would have learned this before I got married. I actually had a friend tweet my wedding. Which, I mean, is cool - I have her timeline of what happened. On our honeymoon I stayed connected - tweeting the restaurant we ate at and what broadways we saw. I wish I could go back to those few days I had with my husband. Those are the memories you want to savor. The ones that you will remember on your dying day.

In this age of hyper connectivity may I encourage you to,

slow down.


enjoy your life.

pay attention to the ones around you.

live in the moment right now.

live for the story of your life and not 140 characters.

Each day is a new chapter in your story and I don’t want to miss a moment of mine, and I don’t want you to miss your's either.


Lynse, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and challenging us to unplug every once in awhile! For more of Lynse, follow her on twitter or check out her thoughts at!

Africa Prayer Requests:

- Um, it's OUR LAST FULL DAY IN KIBERA. I can't even begin to imagine our emotions at this point. Please, please pray for protection of our hearts and for God to be glorified in these last moments with the kids at the school.

- Also, please pray for transition. It's never easy acclimating to culture shock when you travel, but I'm convinced it's harder coming home. Pray for the students - for what God is doing in their hearts and what they've learned.

- Finally, pray for energy, that we would finish the trip strong and courageous and closer than ever. Tomorrow begins the journey home! What a ride...

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