turning off and letting go.

I leave for Africa tomorrow. Africa. And while I will have my iPhone with me, I won't be tweeting or blogging. I won't be checking my e-mail or updating my facebook. My iPhone is now my camera, and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to unplug - to not have anything in Austin holding me back. Yes, I am going to see what stories He wants me to share, but it's an incredible feeling knowing you can actually live in the story and not simply tweet it or blog about it later. These stories will have time to fester - these stories will simmer and cook until I am ready to share. And there's really nothing more freeing than knowing you are going to be right where God wants you - experiencing something completely different than your normal.

So. In 12 hours, I will be joining up with the rest of the crew and we will make our way to Houston - this time tomorrow, I'll be on a flight to London and you will have already heard from one of my guests. As per usual, you guys will be talking/ hearing about story these next few weeks - and you'll even get another taste of my love story with Russ. :) My challenge to you: take a day to unwind. Unplug. Turn off everything holding you back and just let go - see where He takes you, what stories you find.

You'll never know what adventure awaits if you're attached to a safety net.

What is your safety net? What adventure awaits?

See you in a couple weeks!

Posted on June 12, 2010 and filed under africa, reagan2kibera.