free (and thankful) therapy

It's been a rough few weeks. Usually, it's in these moments I retreat. I go quiet - not wanting to be one of those writers who constantly bemoan what ISN'T happening or what current worry plagues me. Yet, despite me not wanting this, I know if I were to write it's what would immediately happen. My emotions ooze out of every piece I put on paper (or on this blog) so I've been doing a lot of personal journaling lately. And what I've found is that it's hard to be honest with myself even if I know the writing is only therapeutic - only for me.

So I've opted into a different form of therapy - the positive kind.

Tonight? I'm thankful

  • for late nights with friends - talking and dreaming and laughing
  • for the community God has blessed Russ & I with these past few months
  • for dancing the night away in the sweltering July heat - celebrating two friends starting a new life together
  • for our neighborhood
  • for the consistency of my paycheck
  • for early morning conversations with my love
  • for time to read mindless books - otherwise known as "brain candy"
  • for memories of Kibera
  • for mixed CD's
  • for my health
  • for the food in my fridge and the shelter over my head
  • for the realization that not everyone has this privilege
  • for the responsibility and weightiness to do something about it
  • for friends who believe in me
  • for moments of rest and relaxation
  • for dance parties
  • for the joy this song brings me

What are you thankful for?

Posted on July 24, 2010 .