Lately, I've been attempting to intentionally journal - chronicling my feelings & such on a sheet of paper rather than this blog. I posted earlier about how I felt I needed the change of pace - a change of space where I didn't feel as much of a responsibility or weightiness in what I wrote. In some ways, this exercise has been fantastic. Many of my entries are blatantly honest and hopeful - but I've found even in my journal...even in a space where I should be able to write down anything that comes to mind...I tend to protect my thoughts.

Today Mandy Thompson posted on journaling as well. However, her post included some questions she's been asking herself daily. She then encouraged us to answer the questions ourselves - either in the comments or a blog post of our own. Typically, I'd reserve the answer to these questions for my journal, but I liked the concept of looking inward so much I decided to post it here. :)

  • What was your HIGH today? (meaning, what was your highest most exciting experience today) Today, my high was coming home and spending time with Russ. The first day of school is always tiring on so many levels, and so coming home to him and eating an incredible dinner he fixed for me was rejuvenating in so many ways.
  • Your LOW? (what was your toughest moment) Lowest was probably this morning when my computer's wifi wasn't working, I couldn't print off needed materials to copy, I had to pass out schedules in ten minutes and my time in first period to complete everything for my students was quickly disappearing. This ended up being not as big of a deal as I originally feared, but at the moment, I remember taking many deep breaths.
  • What FOOD have you eaten? My food intake always does weird and unusual things during the school year. For instance: this morning I had a banana and real fruit strip. During third period I had a kashi bar and an apple. Lunch was mozzarella string cheese, handful of Annie's honey grahams and a cane cola. For dinner tonight I had bread-crusted chicken, arugula, roasted potatoes and okra.
  • What are you PONDERING? The school year. Summer assignments that need to be graded. Paying bills. Brainstorming lesson plans for the rest of the school year. Writing. Anne Jackson's new book Permission to Speak Freely.
  • Have you had any MOOD SWINGS through the day? (fellas, you can answer this one too) I definitely fought one this morning with all of the technology/scheduling working against me. Other than that - today's been pretty even keeled.
  • How did you SLEEP last night? Not good. I slept, but I feel as though I woke up a lot.
  • Did you make any personal decisions (or RESOLUTIONS) today? Yeah - being more consistent on grading, starting the GAME ON diet with my sister & mom...

What about you? What are your answers to these questions?

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