it's just pretend...right?

every once in awhile, something reminds me. it may be a smell - or a lone tree in the middle of a field - or the way a city bus cuts me off on the highway. it may be in the middle of a raucous party with blaring music and an abundance of food. it may be in a picture or a movie or a song.

usually it's words.

this morning, i read Jon Acuff's post about raising money for mosquito nets for children in central uganda. he mentions this conversation with his daughter when she saw a picture of starving kids. when he explained to her it was a picture of a boy who didn't have enough to eat, she responded: "it's just pretend, right?"

it's just pretend...right?

i think it's so easy to forget about the reality of life. the reality i face? i've held the hands of women who wash their clothes in dirty water. i've loved on kids who, when asked about life when the sky turns black, express fear through their eyes but hide it with a smile and a shrug.

i've shared food with someone who didn't know when he would eat again.

my reality? i get frustrated when i can't find the exact brand of laundry detergent i want to use. i roll my eyes at the tejano music once again bumping across the street or shake my fist in anger when our car is broken into during the night.

i insist on finding...and eating...what i'm craving.

yesterday i wrote about playing in the pain. and i think i am beginning to understand this plays out in so many more ways than i originally anticipated. makes sense, right? makes sense it would permeate everything about who we are: a broken people searching for something or someone to fix us.

we can't forget. we need to sit & rest for awhile in the fact that people are hurting.

because the moment we do is the moment we buy into the lie it's just pretend.

we have this insane ability as humans to detach ourselves to what we don't want to face. this isn't a good thing.

so we're going to sit here for awhile. there's some stories needing the light of day. i have a few to tell - and i have a few friends i'd like you to meet. the bottom line is this:

we need to stop playing pretend.

Posted on October 15, 2010 .