online community: is it possible?

Sometimes, when I’m talking to other people, I hear how crazy it sounds. I see the questions in their eyes. You have And I get it. I get the ridiculous bent of their eyebrows as they fight laughing at me. But I also get they just don’t understand.

The truth: My husband & I are part of a community of believers where even though we have never met in person, if at any point a need arose, we’d be there in a heartbeat.

Why? Because we’ve experienced the unquestionable generosity of these friends more than once.

Last year, Russ & I went through a period of time where everything around us was going haywire. Without any warning, we found ourselves in a state of limbo where spiritually we knew what God wanted of us, but physically? We just didn't see any way. And then Russ wrote this post. He didn't write it in order to spark a catalyst of compassion on our behalf. He wrote it out of honesty and conviction.

Within 24 hours, our community of friends gathered around us and began to support us through this difficult time.


My friend Prudence is letting me use her space for the for more of this story, go here.

Posted on October 20, 2010 .