sit awhile

sometimes we just need to sit awhile. friday, as i wrote my post, i felt this inexplicable halting to my words.

"do not write their story. sit. "

i heard this as i rearranged the cursor to back track over my last two paragraphs. completely erasing my thoughts, i mentioned we were just going to sit awhile in the knowledge of how pain can bring glory to Christ. and we are. i'm working with some really good friends of mine who want to share their stories with you. i'm pretty excited.

but sunday, as russ & i drove home from leading worship, i felt the same halting.

"stop. let me refresh you."

and so i did.

yesterday, i took a sabbath. looking back, i think it may have been the first true sabbath in a lot of weeks of running. and i want to encourage you - stop running. breathe. let him refresh you.

you may be running for the right reasons. you may be running towards an honorable goal.

but breathe. slow down. listen long enough to hear his voice above the roar of your busyness.

i promise you it's worth it.

Can you hear His whisper in the crowd? When was the last time you rested?

Posted on October 19, 2010 .