the living place

What can I say about Jenny? Plenty. Since meeting her, she's been nothing but a constant source of encouragement. When I got back from Africa, I counted on her e-mails to reminding me of her prayers. Her I understands were priceless in a moment where I had difficulty determining my next steps after such an emotionally exhausting trip. She knew, and she stepped in when I needed her most. Over the next two days, she'll share about her dying place, and how through her walking the valley she found life. Death has a final purpose, and its purpose is not static.

The purpose of the Dying Place is to make room for life.

Much of my healing was only found through the death of old places, old wounds.

I had to put to bed that which pulled me, like a trigger, back to who I was.

Wherever I had areas of wounding, they became like a magnet to my past and hindered me from experiencing Christ’s life in abundance.

The process of healing for me was the death of my old identity. Healing allowed me to change my focus from the past to the present. Picking up my cross was synonymous to facing old wounds. Laying down my cross was the necessary pre-requisite to planting pain, bitterness, anger, defense mechanisms, and wounded emotions in the dying place forever so that new life could begin to bud.

Yet I have discovered that no one ever talks about this place… the Living Place.

I did not know how to experience it because I had spent so many years roaming around the Dying Place.

Christ came back, to bestow upon me hope for LIFE.

He said, “Wait here until you are imbued with power from on high”

So I waited for a short while.

But then it began to feel like I was not doing much of anything.

It was painful to sit and listen quietly. Stillness was not yet a friend of mine.

So I picked my cross back up (after digging it out of the ground) and began dragging it down the hill again.

So few people come to the living place.

I almost missed it.

See, there is a clear path for the road of death. We can map out our path and walk it step by step. We have many teachers here. We know our identity. There are bible studies that teach us about the Dying Place. There are teachers that exalt the dying place.

But the only one who can teach us how to live is Christ alone.

And living is found in surrender.

Surrender to the power of His spirit Through exchanging His life for ours

The Living Place does not have a plan, or a path, or a process.

So we avoid this place, or run, or don’t come back to it and we pick up our cross and go home.

Posted on November 18, 2010 .