walking the path

Today you will meet my dear friend Prudence. The beautiful thing about our friendship is that we met right here - online. I can't even remember who went to which blog/twitter first, but ever since we found each other last spring we've been incredibly close - texting, emailing, twittering, commenting... she's been an incredible confidante and prayer warrior for me these past few months, and I can't wait to meet her so I can hug her tight and talk over some coffee. Today she shares a little more about what this online community has meant for her & her husband Shawn. I recently hosted a guest post series on my blog about community formed and fostered online.  Six ladies shared their stories of how they’ve connected with and become deep friends with people they’d met online.

I love this evolving form of community.  It works.  It steps into everyday practical life.

I will not discount and neither should you the value of friendships that start online and develop into deep, meaningful friendships (and marriages as it was with some of the commenters).  However, the reality that my community – my closest friends and confidants live at closest 1,041 miles away (door-to-door) has started to hit me.  I can’t call up these friends and say, “Hey we’re going to Yard House for dinner, come join us!” or “Let’s go get coffee and just invest in what we have.”  My community does take place in living rooms but not the same one. Honestly, I miss it.

I miss heartfelt talks late into the night.  Crazy trips to the grocery store with a friend.  The physical shoulder to hug and shed salty tears on.

I am unsure why my local community disintegrated, why friendships died.  At a time when Shawn and I could use tangible people in our lives God saw fit to take that away and replace it with people we can’t physically touch - and some days….that’s quite hard.

I walk this path though.  Through the pain and frustration of circumstances I gratefully thank God for the friends I have online and the moment’s notice they are available.

And through all of this it’s confirmed in Shawn’s and my heart that we not only want butneed that local community.  The friends we invest with, and walk with.  The road we are walking now we have no clue what exit He has for us will be our “final destination” but one of our deepest prayers is that we will have that investment.

Posted on November 8, 2010 .