feeding your creative soul.

hello! like my new digs? my incredible husband invested in a domain for my Christmas present - and i'm thankful. it's going to make the unveiling of a special project even more seamless come january 1...[how's that for suspense?] if you're new, welcome...pull up a chair and get comfortable. we like stories here, so get ready to share your own.

there's a place i can go to get away from it all. i lose myself in the stories - words bound by sweat and tears and laughter. it's difficult sometimes choosing just one to take home with me. so i peruse the shelves - allow my hands to do the dreaming for me.

today i walked away with nothing.

it's not that i didn't find stories that called to me. many of them revealed promised inspiration - that foreboding sense of words catapulting me to write my own.

i didn't get any because last year, i told myself i would buy any books until i finished reading the ones left unopened on my shelf. there's quite a few - and with my schedule i'm chipping away at the list slower than i'd like. but, given my ever-widening wish list and my books gathering dust on their pages, today marked a renewed sense of resolve to drink in the words as quickly as possible.

more than anything, books push me in my creative life. it never fails. the more i read, the more creative i become - in all areas. my muse-sense heightens. allowing myself a brief moment of imaginative escape does wonders for my own psyche. i breathe deeper. smile wider. dream in brighter colors.

here's to feeding my creative soul more in 2011....

my current wish list: [have you read any of these? what did you think?]

tribes, seth godin the healing power of stories, daniel taylor beautiful children, charles brock people of the book, geraldine brooks beach music, pat conroy then we came to the end, joshua ferris the unnamed, joshua ferris the abstinence teacher, tom perrotta the swan thieves, elizabeth kostova the finkler question, howard jacobson this is where i leave you, jonathan tropper zeitoun, dave eggers freedom, jonathan franzen the distant hours, kate morton cutting for stone, abraham verghese djibouti, elmore leonard ape house, sara gruen to the end of the land, david grossman firefly lane, kristin hannah cooking with fernet branca admission, jean hanff korelitz dogfight, matt burgess the insurgent, matt burgess room, emma donoghue a visit from the goon squad, jennifer egan the passage, justin cronin the shoe queen, anna davis the red tent, anita diamante pearl, mary gordon the lazarus project, aleksandar hemon confessions of a pagan nun, kate horsley until i find you, john irving past perfect, susan isaacs beast of no nation, uzodinma iweala the effect of living backwards, heidi julavits the boyfriend school, sarah bird the doctor's wife, elizabeth brundage the hours, michael cunningham the false friend, myla goldberg

what books are on your wish list? what books should be on mine?

Posted on December 21, 2010 and filed under fiction.