my entitled laughter

i wish i could tell you i jumped feet first into this whole adoption thing. i wish i could tell you as soon as i recognized the whispers of my heart i nodded my head, pushed back my shoulders, and jumped. but i didn’t.

instead of esther, i acted more like sarah – laughing at the promises of God. it wasn’t finances i feared. russ & i know from past experiences His provision comes with no delay. i laughed with entitlement.

“i like our life the way it is, thankyouverymuch

but, God has a funny way of getting his point across. over those next few weeks, i could not get away from this vision – this calling. our series at church focused on following through in faith & trust – not hesitating like Lot or prostituting yourself like Gomer. every sunday, my heart would swell – recognizing the fissure and bracing for impact. every sunday, i’d walk away – teary eyed and introspective.

this lasted for almost a month.

to read the rest of the post, check out our new adoption website, a year of jubilee. we've posted some entries these past few months, so take a look around!

Posted on January 3, 2011 and filed under adoption.