the ugly truth.

i don't want to write this post. i don't want to write it because it goes against my comfort. i've had a hell of a week - and it's only tuesday. i woke up at three this morning with raging allergies. i'm tired. i'm cranky. the bitter wind took my breath away this morning and has left me with this lingering chill...

and i certainly don't want to face the ugly truth of human trafficking.

then i think about the little girl who fights for her innocence as i complain about a runny nose.

i think about the pimp who peruses the hallways of a local high school - looking for his latest victim.

i think about the women who were promised freedom and hope for their family - only to find horror and a debt impossible to pay.

sometimes, the truth is easier to ignore. it just...hurts too much. staring at pain in the face, staring at the ugly in the world... it's never easy.

but it's essential. no army goes into a battle blind.

the truth? there are 27 million slaves in the world today. this system of trafficking human beings for profit generates 32 billion dollars a year - more than Starbucks, Google & Nike combined.

and it happens in our own backyard.

trafficking is so horrific because it knows no prejudice. it doesn't matter if you're white, black, rich, poor, immigrant or citizen. it's happened in my neighborhood. it's happened in other areas known for their high-priced property and coveted real estate.

the truth? we can't escape this, no matter how we try.

my nose is still clogged. my hands are cracking from the wind outside.

and the girl is still fighting for her innocence.

will you join the fight?


Human trafficking is hard to ignore but easy to push away. No one wants to hear about slavery existing in this world. You can make a difference, though - join others who are already doing significant work in rescuing those trapped in a life with no escape. Take some time today to focus on the ugly - maybe then we can see the Beauty still holding on for life in these girls.

She Dances - working to provide healing, hope & a future to victims of human trafficking in Honduras through art, safe homes & and raising awareness.

Love146 - incredible organization working to provide holistic support and healing to trafficking victims worldwide. You can join them as they ask the question when is the broken heart worth celebrating?

Stop Child Trafficking Now - addresses the demand of human trafficking by targeting the buyers for persecution and conviction. SCTNow has local chapters with meetings  - check out the site to see if there's one in your area.

Posted on January 11, 2011 .