where's your heart

it's not about me. i remember this when i receive texts from hurting friends. pray for me they say - and my heart turns because i realize i'm not the only one hurting.

it's how he works, you know. it's why we get this inclination to go it alone, back turned and eyes closed to what others may offer. if we aren't willing to ask for help, if we purposefully set ourselves as separate from the community God's given us, then it's far too easy to forget about the pain of others and focus on our own. pride sneaks in and takes residence in our heart - and the enemy laughs. because honestly...how are we supposed to heal ourselves? how can we gain freedom if we are standing alone with chains still wrapped around our heart?

this is something i struggle with far too often. i find myself constantly turning back around - facing the people who hold me up when i can't do it alone. i want to iron all the wrinkles out of my appearance just so i can look like i have it together.

[even when it's blindingly apparent i'm just as broken as the next person.]

it's only been recently, when my brokenness became too much to bear, that i realized the purpose of our pain is not to sit in dirt forever, bemoaning our situation.

our pain is meant for His glory. when we admit our weakness, when we look in the eyes of someone else and ask for help - for prayer - we begin a story of redemption. and this story, if lived well, can be a powerful testament to His grace and mercy. only He can make all things new. only He can mend the broken. even us - even in our dirtiest state. to God be the glory.

so where's your heart today? i want to know. how are you learning to suffer well - what are you struggling to bring to the Cross? lay it down. there's plenty of swords around here for the taking. we'll pick one up and fight the battle with you. we're all broken, but in Him we are made whole. and it's only in admitting our weakness He is allowed to shine.

leave an anonymous comment if you have to - but please - feel free to share where your heart is this morning.

Posted on January 19, 2011 .