adoption and foster care - jason locy

speaker: jason locy in terms of fad, it's important for me to focus on the men. so much focus is on the women right now.

question: unpack perspective of men with adoption answer: when they do exit polling, only 3% say the husband started the conversation with adoption. as husbands, it's our job to lead these conversations. so with bethany, we try and go about it with the question for how can we get husbands involved?

question: you helped start a fatherless plan in your church. talk about this? answer: we had a heart for adoption, i asked if we could take 3 minutes one sunday a month to talk about the fatherless. and we chose that term because it was all encompassing. we were able to implement this plan by showing videos and other resources - changing the way people view this topic. we then outsourced all this media so other churches could make use of the resources. we've had people join the church because of our focus on orphan care - and our diversity as a church as changed as a result.

Posted on February 26, 2011 .