adoption and foster care - mike and susan duke

speaker: mike & susan dukeceo of walmart

[susan] if you foster parent, you go in with the reality that you will have this child for a season. but, it's important to remember the impact. one of the greatest impacts for us was through praying about adopting our foster daughter and God telling us this wasn't His purpose. during the first few months, we had some friends who fell in love with her. within 20 months, we moved her from us to them. God placed them in our life so she could gain permanency. you have no idea what the ripple effect is when you bring in a child.

question: and you've continued to move forward in this community? answer: [susan] i've become a casa - court appointed special advocate. i sit in on court cases and it's a privilege because you're not a lawyer or a parent. you're under a confidentiality oath but not connected to any organization. i've advocated for 18 years and my last one i've advocated for over eight years.

i also serve on the children's shelter board. we have a unique shelter in NWA. last year, they received 430 children in emergency care. they are one of the few shelters that keep sibling groups. when we pulled in 430 children, we turned away 800. there are never enough foster homes.

[mike] in april a new shelter is opening up with more space, but it still doesn't fill the need.

question: if you could give your thoughts on the role of the church - how do we engage? answer: [susan] we all know it's biblical.  the organized church has to adopt this mentality as a mandate. not every person is called into foster care or adoption, but we're all called to do something constructive.

Posted on February 26, 2011 .