adoption & foster care - johnny carr

speaker: @johnwcarr when he went to pick up his son, it was his first time facing poverty.

he came home and his job was to raise 10 million dollars for a new building at his church. he began to focus and dig deep and study what it means to care for the orphan.

what keeps him awake: every church needs to have a working orphan care ministry. instead of what can i do to get my people involved, we need to be asking what can i do to help these children?

we have to start building ministries centered on family preservation.

also, what are things we can do to keep kids from living in orphanages? [the Bible says God sets the lonely in families] bethany sets up foster families in ethiopia for children in orphanages. instead of living in an institution, they are placed in Christian homes.

there are children who "going back home" just isn't an option. we have to get the church to understand the concept of permanency.

another thing that keeps him up at night is churches who are satisfied with keeping kids in orphanages. orphanages need to be a temporary place of transition. God has given us an opportunity to minister to these children. it's a simple biblical principle.

man made orphanages for children. God made families. he said this to an orphanage director in ethiopia and he said "this is right" with tears in his eyes.

coming back to addis, he listened to taylor swift's best day and he thought about the kids. who was going to be there to stroke their heads when someone called them orphan? who was going to be there when bad days hit?

we have to find a way to make sure this isn't a fad. romans 12:2 says not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind.

conformed = changing due to environment. transform = change from inside out.

transformation is brought on by conviction of God's word. conforming is brought on by guilt and shame. we have to keep this movement rooted in scripture.

we also need to discuss ethical adoption. including families who are adopting.

philippians 2: humbled himself to the point of death - this is what Jesus did for us. when we talk about adopting children with emotional pain or from a hard place or with special needs, we have to empty ourselves and meet them where they are.

Christ voluntary set aside everything that made him God in order to enter into our pain and our struggles.

we need to make adoptive families understand what Jesus really did for us and that we have to go back and enter into the pain of the child in order to bring him out.

often times when we say i just can't do it He says, "thank you. this is why I came down. this is why I entered into your pain. So my Spirit can enable you."


Posted on February 26, 2011 .