adoption & foster care - josh & amy bottomly

speakers: @joshbottomly@amybottomly

book: ashes to africa

question: start with the ashes? answer: we got married within six months of meeting each other - that first year was difficult and we began to see a counselor.  a few years later, we went through a time of grieving due to infertility. [josh] i remember driving home and amy looking at me saying, "i don't know why God would allow this to happen to us. i don't know if i can believe in Him." this is where i believe the moment happened where i understood the god of the fairytale became the God of tragedy - where we accepted the story begins in darkness. our life was in ashes. but God reached down and planted a seed, causing something to grow from being a family to being part of a mission.

question: where did this journey take you? answer: [josh] it moved us toward ethiopia. 9 months later, we're holding silas. we experienced the wounded Healer through him. matthew 25 - i'm going to love Jesus by adopting my son....but it's become we are being loved by Jesus. grace is what makes us just - we have experienced the grace of God through our children.


Posted on February 26, 2011 .