causes and ramifications - esther havens

speaker: @estherhavens 10 years ago, started with ywam and wanted to be a big shot photojournalist. in the beginning, she stood back and kept a distance. there was a disconnect. decided to get involved in the story.

who we are is not our circumstance - heard this in a village in uganda and began to see the empowerment available. instead of looking down, she began to look up.

through this experience, i learned a few things:

1. learn to put myself in their shoes - how can i build their trust? story of ketema: learning the respect. "i'm in my pajamas, can i go change?" 2. how does God see this person? do they even know how beautiful they are? 3. is this photo for me or them? will it damage a relationship? we want to capture everything, but they only see someone who refuses a connection 4. connect - madame serverne be careful of the images you show and the story you tell

now it's about putting down the media - keeping the camera by my side and just connecting. i want to see the story change.

tough questions: why are there orphans? how can we stop this? how can i tell this story better?

the answer: tell a story that changes stories.

Posted on February 25, 2011 .