causes and ramifications - gary schneider

speaker: @garyschneiderevery orphan's hope

every 35 seconds a child is orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in zambia.

question: how did you get involved? answer: i saw statistics. a year later, i went on a short-term mission trip to zambia. spent a lot of time sitting in the dirt and listening. slowly, statistics were replaced with faces.

once home, he spoke with a pastor who said, "gary, you've uncovered my shame."

this statement rattled him.

problem with AIDS: it's not an event. it's a disease - and it's still a huge issue.

question: what are some things we should be thinking about as churches/individuals/organizations concerning AIDS? answer: while in zambia, spent a lot of time listening. AIDS impacts entire community. the church told them they wanted to keep the children and asked for help in how to create this possibility.

idea: my Father's house - not an orphanage, but an actual home where a widow comes in and cares for 4 boys and 4 girls who are placed in a family setting.

question: how can we support you? answer: asking better questions. do we really believe the cost of a latte relates to sponsoring a child? it's going to take more than a dollar a day. one big thing: taking a look at challenging some of the ways we look at this. instead of giving up Starbucks, how about we grab two friends and buy them a drink to ask "how can we link arms in order to actively participate in this problem?"

question: what keeps you up at night? answer: what does it cost to save jane? young girl who was in sponsorship program. through staff & church, she had an extension of life. her mom also had AIDS and was on medication. when she got sick, jane became her caretaker. there was a moment where her mother was sick and she was sick - and she died of dehydration. she was within walking distance to our office and we just got too busy. trying to figure out how to give someone the cup of water they need.

Posted on February 25, 2011 .