causes and ramifications - mark moore

speaker: @mananutrition how does hunger impact the children of the world?

what mana does: brings ready made therapeutic food to children in need of food. they call themselves a village rather than a company

statistically, a child dies every 6 seconds from malnutrition. it kills more kids than malaria. it kills more kids than AIDS. it kills more kids than both combined.

question: how can we connect malnutrition to the orphan crisis? answer: john 18:38 "what is truth?" - sometimes we're embarrassed of the tag Christian. regardless, we're all very concerned with truth and we're finding the definition is much broader than what denomination knows better. truth: moms love their kids. mana puts tools in the hands of mothers - hopefully preventing malnutrition and maybe even a future orphan. if a child has to leave his/her mother's arms because there's not enough food, this is wrong and must be fixed.

question: explain how church can get involved? answer: millennium development goals - how can we act responsibly and become more organized? created eight goals to be achieved over a fifteen year timeline.

1. extreme hunger 2. education 3. women empowerment 4. child feeding programs 5. mothers 6. medicine 7. sustainability 8. working together

what we do as a church corresponds with these goals. we do not celebrate them in terms of worship, but we know Truth. Jesus called us to minister to the least of these. mana takes a shot at three of the eight goals: moms, hunger and child feeding programs.

Posted on February 25, 2011 .