causes and ramifications - matt & ginny mooney

speaker: @99balloonsorg in july of 2006, they had a little boy named eliot who wasn't expected to live very long. he lived 99 days and they celebrated a birthday every day at 4:59 - when he was born. stopped life in order to pause and celebrate his and in a broken, six lb, sick little boy, they saw Jesus.

after he passed, they wanted to replicate how others dove into their own brokenness. 99 balloons came out of this desire. one of the things they do is provide "recess" for families with special needs kids where parents can get a night out. through this, they have found the absolute beauty of those the world would write off.

got hooked into the story of plight of special needs kids adopted internationally. with eliot, the best days were with him and the hardest were with him. since started 99 balloons, they've decided to continue to run through the broken places. these moments aren't mutually exclusive, they're all wrapped together.

special needs global = complex views. there's cultures and political ideologies and other things you have to consider. but, there's a common denominator: worthlessness. we declare their worth when we hold them and when the therapist holds them and when we believe in their beauty.

this problem isn't just in other countries. in our own country, if you find out you have a down syndrome child, 90% will go through with abortion. we just hide it better here.

question: how do our churches start to wrap our heads around those kids in orphanages who spend 23 hours of their day in a bed? how do we react? answer: we have to move from inspiration to solution, and this is a challenge. there's not a lot of ways right now, and that's the reality. there's a lot of niche areas, but there's no movement. what we want to do is engage locally. what you see when you act on that, you become passionate about these kids.

these kids will change you. they are not caught up in what we are caught up in because they do not have the luxury [or the curse, actually].

matt and ginny are moving into an hard space with courage - going and search and trying to find the hope. continue to pray for them as they face the difficulty of digging deep.

Posted on February 25, 2011 .