causes and ramifications - rob morris

speaker: @roblove146founder: love146

website: love146

in its immediate context, its a no-brainer how orphan care & human trafficking connect. traffickers prey on the most vulnerable - and the loss of parents creates this perfect situation.

we don't hear enough about the connection between international adoption and human trafficking - it's too painful to think about these scenarios.

there is but one coward on earth, and that is the coward who dare not know. - w.e.b debois

at the end of the day, there's a dangerous pull to stop hearing - stop listening. this is a gross injustice. ignorance is not bliss when it comes to trafficking as it relates to international adoption.

was jarred by comment from woman in human rights agency in cambodia: "you wanna do something about international trafficking? do something about international adoption." - first time he heard about the connection between these two.

this is what keeps him awake at night - the tension between the two worlds. as an adoptive father, there was immediate offense and there was a struggle between this role and his role as a leader of an anti-trafficking agency.

another tension: massive number of stats and the one. even today, the stats range all over the place. the implications of this is huge. regardless, when you think about how many orphans there are, it creates a tension. it can be overwhelming or numbing. it's not about a stat. it's about a child. love146 was founded because of an encounter with an individual. when there's a face, it's so much more than numbers.

looking at girls in brothels, thinking "this could be my daughter..." you eventually begin to think, "this is someone's daughter." just the idea that someone would be stripped of a name, a specific face becomes important.

also, the tension of prevention and aftercare comes into play. knowing there's a place with girls who need rescuing but not being able to place them somewhere creates a definitive struggle.

decided to beef up prevention - focusing on the why.

human rights activist in cambodia also said - "you know what's wrong with you Americans? you don't think. instead, you just react." - profound insight

final tension: thought it takes to put an idea into implementation.  orphan crisis isn't a crisis - it's an emergency. the idea that every day there's more and more children being orphaned should create a sense of urgency.

but. we have to take the time to consider best outcomes.

gut level: we are so much better at doing mercy than justice. it's just easier. we get immediate results. a beautiful and powerful response, but so much easier than the complex rabbit hole of justice. [dealing with political, religious, cultural systems that could be unjust - this does not happen fast]

if compassion only bends to mercy and and never results in justice, this can actually turn into demand within the trafficking industry.

possibilities: imagine what would happen if we put similar effort [or even more effort] into preventing children from becoming orphans than we place in mercy?

people accuse love146 of being naive or idealistic with the mission statement of their organization [complete eradication of child slavery and human trafficking]. it's not idealistic - it's audacious. and only those who possess audacity change the world.

when the broken ask you to dance, you dance. i believe in a God who brings beauty from ashes - and He uses broken people like us to bring this beauty.

do it thoughtfully. do it well. victims of injustice do not need our spasm of passion but our legs and lungs of endurance.

Posted on February 25, 2011 .