causes and ramifications - terrell & kristen welch

speaker: @weareTHATfamily@mercyhousekenya

question: tell us about compassion bloggers trip answer: traveled to kenya with compassion to blog about poverty in the slums of kenya. 1000 kids were sponsored on the trip. while there, met a graduate of compassion's leadership program. her name is maureen - became close friends through facebook and e-mail after returning home.

this trip broke her - and her husband didn't know what to do because she came back a different person. they prayed: what do we do? how do we react? they ended up reoriented their lives around preventative orphan care.

while in the slums, she noticed that at any given time, 50% of the girls are pregnant. mothers are asking daughters to help feed the family by trading sex for food - for about six months they just prayed about how they would help: adoption? realized this wasn't the only solution.

maureen contacted kristen about a dream of hers: helping pregnant girls one-on-one. she asked them to help her, and when she did, they knew this was their answer. the six-bed maternity ward opens april 1.

their hope: rescue mother and child through Jesus' help.

mercy house kenya will be run totally by locals. they really want to empower maureen to minister to young girls who are pregnant and [hopefully] work themselves out of a job by training these girls in micro-businesses and economics along side with sharing Jesus with them.

question: how did the grassroots campaign begin through the blog? answer: fellow travelers watched them through the online struggle of what to do and where to go. when the answer came, readers and fellow travelers were already there waiting. since then, 75% of support has come from social media.

when we said yes, we enabled others to say yes along with us.

Posted on February 25, 2011 .