dwell in love.

there comes a point where you need to just breathe. i felt this last week, when tutoring and early mornings and evening meetings began taking their toll. at times, it was difficult for me to even focus on a conversation.

do you ever feel this way? are there ever moments where everything feels forced and the only right-sounding thing results in you nestled in bed, eyes closed to stress and worry and fear? it's not depression. it's not a hopelessness, because i recognize the hope buried deep in memories and smiles. it's just a wall. a big, huge wall keeping me from really engaging in the bustling activity around me.

i'm learning it's okay to just sit. i'm learning sometimes, all He wants is all of our attention. and not because He wants to reveal something hidden and not because there are mysteries to be explored - it's because He wants for us to dwell in His love.

2011 has definitely thrown some curve balls in my direction. many mornings i've spent searching His word for a promise - something to cling to throughout the day. this week i feel the pull to just crawl in His lap and rest. the grittiness and mess i've found myself in these past few weeks may not decrease in importance, but they certainly won't have my focus. for now, i need to look into the eyes of the One who brought me here.

where are you today? what do you feel Him leading you to do?

Posted on February 7, 2011 .