global state of the orphan - frank garrott

speaker: @frankgarrottpresident of Gladney

question: is this an issue that can be solved within our lifetime? answer: i believe we can. jeremiah 32:37 says "I am the anything too difficult for me?" this is a starting point. you can look back in history and see different causes and the vast growth. [civil rights: 60-69] convinced we can look back in 2020 and see right now, we had a catalytic imprint on the orphan crisis.

question: what does Gladney do? answer: we don't do enough, but we do some things. 500 families a year, 300 international adoption provide a collaborative environment with other agencies [running from competitiveness] 150 adoptions from ethiopia, but wanting to shoulder the needs of those left behind. seeks to meet needs of those aging out of orphanages.

priorities: familiy preservation, domestic adoption, international adoption [goal is to do more with family preservation]

we can do better in aligning our priorities with local government. they are concerned primarily with welfare of children. we echo this and we will have greater impact.

question: greatest barriers? answer: nothing's immovable. whatever is a challenge is also an opportunity. but. some challenges:

1. media - focused on negative stories in adoption. we have a compelling cause. if we get media behind us - it would be huge. 2. speaking with a unified voice - we speak of "best interest" but there's not a singular definition of this phrase 3. reaching across the aisle//collaboration - how can we work with other organizations?  how big can our tent be? 4. when you look around the world, there's all these wonderful small efforts. but they're disjointed. how can they be more integrated?

question: programs in texas for moms answer: domestically, gladney does 200 adoptions a year. 60% are tradition infant adoptions. there's a dorm on campus and they ask the question, "how can these birth moms get back on their feet?"  also, this past year, gladney included 60 adoptions  through the foster care system.

question: how can the church come alongside? answer: be a mentor to a teen who is close to aging out of foster care. term in texas is "casa - court appointed special advocate"

also: become certified respite care. sooo many foster families receive no breaks in between children. [it's against the law for anyone to watch children in foster care who aren't certified. this proves difficult with babysitting]

Posted on February 25, 2011 .