global state of the orphan - jedd medefind

speaker: @orphanalliance purpose - ignite hearts to grow communities within churches who are focused on adoption, foster-care or orphan initiatives. began in arkansas six years ago with 38 individuals.

in the process to adopt from ethiopia, named their daughter and prepared to leave to bring her home. they received a call letting them know she contracted pneumonia and passed away. they tasted just a piece of africa's pain - and their church came around them as a community to help them through the grieving.

question: holistic response to orphan care? answer: hearts are awakening to this cause - and it's beautiful. what's neat is that this movement is maturing even from 3-4 years ago when the focus was strictly adoption. now, there's a sense of creative ways to engage the needs of orphans worldwide and coming up along-side adoptive families both in the process of the adoption - both before and after the adoption is finalized.

the church needs to be the primary community taking part in orphan care.

question: what do we do well? what do we need to work on? answer: 100+ years ago, outsourcing for missions work and human need. church was source for money  - all energy was outside. this is shifting. the energy now is within the church and para-supporters are bringing knowledge. when talking about orphans, this is vital.

we are talking about a child's need for love and belonging and protection. this cannot be provided by government or organization. this can only happen through individuals getting involved personally with children.

hint: start small. numbers can be paralyzing. one stat means more than any other: it takes ONE individual to make a difference in the life of an orphan. look to see where God is already working - support families and become involved fervently with prayer. there's a spiritual weight you carry with orphan care.

Posted on February 25, 2011 .