global state of the orphan - john sowers

speaker: @johnsowers fatherlessness is written into the heart of this generation. it's in our movies, books, songs. he realized this and asked why? how is this an anthem? this is tearing up our nation.

memphis: 90 pregnant girls in one high school roughly 85% without fathers app 1/3 will end in abortion

fatherlessness also drives gang violence. america is at war with herself - it's a personal tragedy for us. we have to see this in our own backyard. we have to step into it.

a lot of answers to fatherless question. one is to adopt. it's a great answer. another answer is foster care. or being an advocate. for the mentoring project, they have a list of 1000 kids who are on the waiting list for a mentor in portland, oregon.

we don't have to go overseas to make a difference. fatherless kids exist within our own neighborhoods.

we have to ask the same question: how might my community change if i step into the situation and mentor?

question: is this issue of fatherlessness able to be broken? answer: prophet malachi is prophetic when he says "i will turn the hearts of the father towards his children and the hearts of the children towards their father or else i will curse the land." how we break the cycle is we step into their lives with the same intimacy that Christ stepped into ours.

this generation will never believe Christ will be their father unless we step into their lives and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

website: the mentoring project

Posted on February 25, 2011 .