global state of the orphan - jonathan olinger

speaker: @jonathanolingerfounder of discover the journey

website:  discover the journey

told charles lee he didn't want to come as a filmmaker but a child advocate.

reason: been to 50 nations and over 100 orphanages filming injustices towards children. the more he observes this, the more he desires to take this stance. specifically for the orphan. there are thousands of solutions and there's this vast global picture of what it looks like on the ground to care for children.

question: what took you by surprise in your trips? answer: seen a lot of different orphanages and had conversations with children where they mention they don't like it and want a family. and although orphanages are part of the solution, there's a definite frustration between the "two tracks" seen in the church: more orphanages, or more international adoptions. it's encouraging to see the rise in local care.

question: what are some things we can be mindful of in telling the story of the orphan? answer: we've seen the power of media. stories are the oldest form of human learning - it's how to engage people. in the wrong context, this can be incredibly exploitative of children.

discover the journey considers this development pornography.

it's simple - allow them a platform to speak. it's our job to listen, not "give them a voice." look for ways you can do this instead of using them.

i am child: education campaign. found in the media they rely on "sexy" images. they will release vignettes of children telling their own story. will release later this year. basic idea: remove the barriers between the children and us by recognizing similarities. example - child soldiers: they may have guns, but we have violence in our lives. connecting our pain with their pain.

Posted on February 25, 2011 .