preemptive orphan care & development - cristin smith

speaker: @cristinsmithworld vision

question: define transformational development answer: the process of bringing about positive change in the physical, social, and spiritual realm. when we look at redeeming and restoring children back in their community, we also look at the redemption of the culture.

question: tell me a little about the five fingers of development answer: water, food, health, education and development - summing up how we communicate Christ's message without addressing these every day needs? making sure we can communicate and incarnating the gospel in a very tangible way is important to us.

question: if world vision shows up in a community, what questions are you asking? answer: we're normally invited in and there's an immediate posture of learning from the community. asking questions like what are the causes of poverty? we also work with area leaders to create an area development plan in order to instill an educational component and other improvements over the next fifteen years. then we can move them from an impoverished community to a thriving community.

question: what should we do as we approach transformational development? answer: looking at orphan care through empowerment - really seeing it from a global perspective. it's not just the american church, it's the global church. once we grasp this posture, we're able to redistribute resources - allowing women to keep their children through sponsorship.

question: what are some lessons you learned working through churches? answer: one of the best places to start is with a vision of the local church. it's not just about meeting the short-term need of relieving a community, but it's a long term commitment. together, you're able to fulfill the great commission. aim for the dignified exchange.

Posted on February 26, 2011 .