preemptive orphan care & development - elizabeth styffe

speaker: elizabeth styffe

question: what does it look like for a church to get involved? what does innovative and sustainability have to do with this? answer: if you're like me, your vision is way too small. my method use to be, "pay, pray and stay away."  now, i'm more willing to pray about what God wants me to do.

first, you have to work with the local church. that way, it's not church based but church initiating. you have to ask: at the end of the day, who is the hero? the truth is we leave. working with the local church and providing them the ability to engage in the community and empower them means the sustainability is there.

it's a whole process of taking away the idea that it's about money. you have to empower not just the pastor but the entire church. the greatest untapped resource is the person in the pew. don't ever do what someone in the local church can do - don't cut off their hands and feet.

Posted on February 26, 2011 .