preemptive orphan care & development - moody & emily alexander

speakers: moody & alexander august 2008, family boarded plane and traveled to ethiopia to pick up their son. trip wrecked them -

six weeks after bringing him home, they found out he had an in-utero stroke and part of his brain was missing. they were broken but God carried them and lifted them from this place.

question: how did you decide to adopt again? answer: [moody] God's grace. we had a tremendous peace long before anyone else around us.  after our second son joined the family, there was an immense desire to give back to this country that gave us two beautiful children. they started researching and found glimmer of hope.

question: how do you walk through finding an organization to connect with in ministry? answer: repeatedly God-ordained conversations. through these divine moments, we were led to the opportunity of going to dube bute - where our son is from - and to provide integrated community development to this area. the scope of it is now 27 water points, 3 school buildings, a library and a health clinic as well as a bridge will be inaugurated next summer in 2012.

Posted on February 26, 2011 .