preemptive orphan care & development - scott brown

speaker: @jscottbrown question: could you speak on the role of the importance of relationship with local governments? answer: every country wants their children to stay - it's about digging in and providing opportunities and hope that the government can't provide. as an agency, people come through the country and you fall in love with the people and the culture. this provides a platform to help the older orphans who would normally end up on the street.

question: as you begin the in-country programs, what are some things you know you have to do right? answer: i think the things you look at is sustainability and knowing that you can't just start a project and believe it will run for a few years then you can back out. the local church is the key to sustainability. we hope to make opportunities available for the local church to engage in their community.

Posted on February 26, 2011 .