bucket lists & faith steps

lately, i’ve felt the tender pull of stepping out on faith. almost daily, i hear the whisper of but these are My words and i know He’s moving me to a place of deeper trust. we only have one life and it’s not even for our use. i want to suck the marrow – live deeply and extravagantly and full of haphazard dreams no one would ever anticipate. i tell my kids to do it all the time. write down goals and think big. despite this i’m noticing my own tendency to hide, even on my best days. the story He’s given me is meant to be shared and my own inclination is to horde it as if i need protection.

as if He isn’t right there, holding my hand as my mouth opens and His words fall out.

so here is my faith-step. a list of things to accomplish before 30. some are silly because you need gut-laughter juxtaposed with fighting Resistance masked as fear. most are things that quicken my pulse when i see them written out on screen.

but these are My words…He says, and i set my shoulders stiff and step firm.

My 50 before 30 {in no particular order}

1. return to africa {ethiopia. kenya. uganda. rwanda. it doesn’t really matter….i just want need to get back the land that stole my heart.}

2. read all of my books waiting for me on my nightstand :: june update - there are now more books waiting for me on the nightstand AS WELL as on the box sitting next to it and the bookshelf across from it. we're going backwards here, people.

3create a writer’s nook in the house so i don’t need to go to a coffee shop every time i want to write :: 7/31/11 - we have a writer's nook AND study AND baby nursery as well as a prayer room. with curtains and lights and pretty pictures...my heart is a happy, yes it is. i'll post pictures soon. 

4. organize our home library :: 7/25/11 - not only did i organize the library, we have a READING ROOM. that's right. 

5. finish my manuscript :: 5/9/11 - finished! holy moly it's done!

6. finish my eBook :: 1/14/12 - wrote the last few pages and started setting up my e-store for the blog.

7. redecorate our master bedroom

8.  go on a real vacation with russ :: 6/22 - 6/26 - the beach! 

9. pay off our credit card debt

10. go on a creative weekend get-away with just me {ahem. this scares the crap outta me.}

11. create a date-night wish list with russ & knock off half of the list

12. {this one's for me.}:: 08/13/11 - He is faithful...

13. begin the process of moving to working at home full-time :: 05/16/12 - gave my notice at work, effective june 8 i'm a full time writer!!

14. visit france

15. run a half-marathon {...let's not get crazy...how about a 5k?} :: 02/03/12 completed the color run in austin and accidentally dyed my hair pink thanks to some super bright color dust.

16. share my writing in an unexpected place :: 9/25/11 shared some writing at the sounds of change concert for FREE Austin week. huge honor. most frightening thing i've done in quite awhile.

17. bike 15 miles in one sitting

18. finish my 12-steps :: currently on step 4

19. visit california :: 7/20/12 - #eproadtrip to san diego. 

20. spend face-to-face time with prudence, my bloggy bff :: 4/15/11 - landini's came to visit!

21. pierce my nose :: 4/2/11 - the first thing i crossed off the list!

22. create an e-course

23. develop, collaborate & execute my super-secret but awesome idea

24. find a way to talk about story & its relation to the gospel as a day-job :: 5/17/12

25. go dancing with my girls :: 5/11 i may have pictures but you will never see them. heh. 

26. learn to sew

27. publish my book :: well, i did it. but i don't know the exact date it was published? find it here.

28. sell 500 copies of come alive 

29. publish my eBook - when Beauty pursues you :: 1/16/12 - you can find it here

30. get another tattoo :: 8/27/11 - anchor tattoo on my ring finger - russ got a matching one! 

31. have a spa day with just me :: 8/27/11 - hour long massage and hour long facial - ohmigoodness heavenly. 

32. become a deeper story contributor :: 8/11 - my first post goes up later this month! yay! 

33. go on a sisters only trip with blanche & christina

34. share my story :: 6/13/11 - shared with my step-study girls...one of the hardest things i've ever done

35. read 100 books :: 6/23/12 - i'd do it all over again. 

36. go on a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway with russ

37. hug this girl's neck

38. read the Bible chronologically

39. visit portland

40. visit chicago

41. be a mama

42. write the one post that scares me 7/19/12 - thanks to mk for hosting me. 

43. give my blog a makeover - 5/1/11 - big thanks to lauren for making my space lovely.

44. go to a writer's conference

45. lose 50 lbs

46. finally update my glasses

47. buy {and learn} an expensive camera

48. begin writing my next novel :: 7/2/12 - word by word and page by page...

49. see mumford & sons in concert :: 4/25/11 - we went & saw mumford & sons but they only sang two songs. would love to see them again!

50. pay off at least one school loan

and there you have it - some big, some small - all essential faith steps in different ways. what are some things you want need to take a step of faith and do?

Posted on March 31, 2011 .